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[IP] Pizza/blood sugars

Hi everyone:

I am sooooo very excited and happy!!!! :) :) :)

Last night hubby and I went to Ci Ci's pizza (which we had never done
before) and I don't ususally do the "fast food" thing....but wanted to try.

Anyway, you get a buffet there and they have all sorts of pizza's and you
can even ask them to make one specially for you and they have salad and
desert pizzas as well.

Their pizza's are small so when you're eating one piece, it is like 1/8th of
a pie...and before I left, I checked my fast food nutr. guide, nothing for
that place but took the middle number of two other places at 25 gr. per
slice for thin pizza.

Well, first piece was pepperoni with cheese and then salad and I bolused 1.8
and then the next piece my hubby didn't like, it had bbq sauce so I bolused
1.5 and then I asked them to make me veggie pizza with no cheese and they
gave me 4 pieces!!!  No way was I eating that so I picked the veggies off
the other pieces and ate just one and bolused 1.5 and then a small piece of
apple pizza at 1.5....One hour later, b.g. excellent, 2 hrs., excellent,
etc. etc. etc......YEAH!!!!!

So if you go to Ci Ci's bolus for 25 gr. carbs and you should do just fine!

Kathy B.
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