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[IP] Phys Ed advice needed

My question is how do we approach a daily exercise class that varies in
intensity and timing?  The focus is on both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.
The class is 45 minutes long.

I asked David's ped endo to write a letter requesting he have PE every day
all year long.  He has a tendency to be a couch potato and gains weight
easily now that his BG is not always sky high.  Now I seek advice on how to
make it work.  My son is a young pumper.  10 years old, pumping for nearly 6
months.  He is entering 5th grade (Middle School is very different from
Elem) and is required to change classrooms for each subject.  The schedule
also rotates.

Day 1 PE 7th period, then school lets out. Time to run wild with friends
Day 2 PE  6th period, right after Lunch
  All days LUNCH, intramural sports played through lunch hour
Day 3 PE  5th period, right before Lunch
Day 4 PE 4th period,
Day 5 PE 3rd period,
Day 6 PE 2nd period,
Day 7 PE 1st period, an hour after breakfast....and on and on it goes

Just to cloud the issue, David is currently Jet Lagged 7 hours (Chicago to
Frankfurt on 21st and 22nd) school starts the 27th.  I have him on a 0.5u/h
basal for now until his biorhythms settle back down.  I'm trying to keep him
from dangerous lows or highs.  It took 1 1/2 weeks to settle when we flew to
Chicago a month ago. (my sister had Endocarditis in May, then Mitral Valve
repair in July, She's doing GREAT!!!)
I don't see too many "vanilla days" in our near future so getting these
basals right will be a beast! :-)

If he wasn't pumping we wouldn't try to attempt this rotating PE
schedule!! I hope it will work :-)
please reply to list and email @ redacted as I'm on digest mode.

Marie ~mother of David 10yo dx 9/99 pumping MM508 since 3/01
Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany
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