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[IP] it happened again...

Last night, I got my cord yanked, I did not think anything of it. about 1230 am, I
tested my bs,
it was over 300. I did my bolus, figuring it was what I ate pasta- unfortunatly, I
have not figured out how to deal with this. about 4 am, checked it agian, it was
360. I did another bolus - then decided to change it, sure enough, it had come
out  my leg was all wet from insulin after I changed it, the bs was 444 I gave
myself 13 units , drank 3 sodas and it was back down but late morning. and  I felt
better. Seems to stick better if I shave the spot 1st - which I did not do the two
times it came out, although the tape did come a bit lose, but I thought it was
still in

David R
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