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Re: [IP] 508 leather case

Hi Richard, I have had major problems with my new MM508 pump and ESD.  They are
sending me a third new pump, which should arrive tomorrow.  They can't figure
out why I'm having so much trouble being in the humid midwest, and following all
their directions.

My waterbed does have a heater in it, but it's summer so it's turned down.  It
is in the middle of a king size bed and I sleep on one side.

There is a clock in the headboard of the bed and a small light on the nightstand
beside the bed.  That would be all the things with current in the bed area.

Dryer sheets do seem to help static in clothing, so I would guess they work in
my area.  But it is summer and there isn't much static around this time of year.
I don't get "shocks" from touching things in my house in the summer.  That makes
we worry what will happen in the winter.

1-Have you had trouble with your pump that could be ESD problems?
2-Under what contitions?
During sleep in a waterbed.  I have had two blank outs in 6 weeks of pumping.

3-Was your pump off, how long?
Not more than 20 minutes, they say.  I did not have a continuous beep, only the
intermittend one.  MM says if it had been more than 20 minutes, I would have had
a continuous beep.
4-What did you do to get your pump on line again?
Had to reprogram everything, including time, basal rates.

5-Was your pump covered?
Yes, MM sent me a new pump.  It happened again, and they are sending me another
new pump.

6-Have you talked to the pump vendor?
If you mean the manufacturer, yes.  I called the help number on the back of the

Judi in MI
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