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Re: [IP] Re: personal attacks

At 05:54 PM 8/23/2001 Jack Granowski wrote:
 >I've said it before and I'll probably say it again.
 >This is really a very benign list, especially being
 >so large.  The flames that are reported here are
 >really little more than flickers.  Try joining a
 >newsgroup if you want to see blow torch flames.

Jack is right. If you've ever been on an unmoderated newsgroup, you can be 
chewed up and spit out before you know what's happening to you. They can 
get extremely vicious. Sometimes a small handful of people end up 
controlling the group due to their forceful personalities and their 
terrible flame messages for anyone that dares to disagree with them. We're 
not talking about mild criticism here... these people use every 4-letter 
word in the book (and then some).

The other end of the spectrum are moderated lists, where nothing gets 
posted unless someone approves it first. We don't do that here. The only 
thing we do, is to try to calm the troubled waters when necessary and weed 
out anyone that refuses to follow the rules. With 3,400+ members, I'm 
continuously surprised by how few really bad things happen here. We've 
grown terribly fast. When I first joined in April 1998, we only had about 
200 members. Considering all that, I think we all need to pat ourselves on 
the back for helping to make this list work as smoothly as it does.

Sam Skopp
One of the volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrators
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