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Re: [IP] hi-2manykitties - pump tubing and 2manykitties

Fran Baumgartner wrote:
> Well not really for we can always talk about how the kitties go after our
> tubing.  I never had a problem until we acquired five kittens.  One in
> particular goes straight for my tubing even if she has to stick her head
> under my shirt.  It's actually pretty funny.  And boy can they bite into it
> fast, but no problems as of yet with any punctures.

Not once, but TWICE, I've had one of my cats bite entirely through the
tubing while I was sound asleep. The third time was right after I'd
changed the tubing after awakening in the middle of the night to go pee,
only to find out my pump wasn't attached to its leash. It's REALLY
BORING to have to change tubing three times in the space of 4 hours --
I'd just changed before I went to be that night!

I keep wondering if maybe I should get some of that nail-biter's bitter
tasting stuff and coat the tubing with it -- but knowing this particular
witch-cat (she's black!!), she probably wouldn't even notice. 
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