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[IP] Re: personal attacks

>> There are ways to get your point
>> across or to help the other person without personally attacking them.

> Thank you very much for your message. I would encourage everyone to read 
> our rules at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/netiquette.shtml before posting 
> a message. We do not allow flaming (personal attacks) on this list. If we 
> see this happening, we will warn the offender privately. Continued abuse, 
> however, can lead to removal from the list.

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again. 
This is really a very benign list, especially being
so large.  The flames that are reported here are
really little more than flickers.  Try joining a
newsgroup if you want to see blow torch flames.  I
have seen some here that were clearly mistakes, or
misunderstandings, but none that I could ever say
were sent with the intention to hurt, although they
very well may have.  I believe the admin. do a very
good job and any problems like those should be
handled off list by the admin., as Sam states.  For
those that are offended by a particular poster, just
don't read anything from that person.  Use your
message filters to eliminate that problem or just
skip those posts in the digest.  

Unless someone is just looking for sympathy and
wants others to beg them to stay, don't say 'I'm
leaving because everyone's picking on me'.  I've
haven't noticed any drastic reduction in our growth
rate.  It doesn't appear that many people are overly
offended by these 'personal attacks'.  I predict we
will be over 10k very soon at the rate i-p is

Give people the benefit of the doubt.  There are
times when I've learned I may have posted something
particularly inane and it's turned out that my bg
was a little low.  But I'm probably the only one on
the list that this has happened to (g), or when I've
just had a bad day.  I'm sure no one else has ever
had a bad day either (g).  This time I've remembered
to put in my (g's), which I should probably do more

Again, give people a break.  I'm afraid I have to be
spit on twice before I move away.  Maybe an off list
reply could be sent telling them that a person was
really hurt and if they reply that they did mean
every word, there would be no doubt.  I think that
the normal response would be an apology.  If they
are really evil people, or just plain dumb, the
admin. will eliminate eventually the problem.  I
think we all have better things to worry about, I
know I do.
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madness gotten finer?
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