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[IP] Re: cure for diabetes - President's Decison - another view less cynical

>> come on Jack, cut me a break. and how did the complex invent insulin
dependent diabetes, how did they train those
dendritic cells to get all
worked up over insulin, was that withheld too.,
funny nobody knew about that
until just a few years ago. you can't make a person
get IDDM even if you
tried for years. Its even hard to get rats to be
isulin deficient. Please
supply me a few research papers in this area. spot

Huh!  I must've missed something.  My statement was
only that I DON'T believe that there is any 'grand
conspiracy' to hold back finding a 'cure' because
the medical suppliers make too much money.  The
reasoning that I gave, and that others have given,
has been posted many times in the past.  It may be
that preceding statements in a thread are attributed
to me, incorrectly.  I hate to post the whole prior
quotes, but I may need to if I'm being too
conscientious in cutting and pasting.
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