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Re: [IP] 508 static

Bret Lapierre wrote:

> Chris, i know plenty of people who have had their computers to go down from
> static electricity, why do you think they now sell surge protectors for
> computers? 

i was not aware that a line surge was static electricity, like say you
get from walking on a rug or combing your hair.

> Blowing the memory on a computer is a very simple thing to
> happen, why else do computer gurus tell you tell you to back up everything
> from your computer you want to save. It is NOT a design problem, it is a
> simple part of living with micro circuitry. i have worked for two computer
> companies in the machine maintenance of the equipment they use and in the
> areas where there are pieces to be put on by hand everyone is required to
> wear a grounding strap on their wrists which have to be tested daily to
> check their ability to release static.

exactly. but the user who is not going into the case does not have this problem.

>     And one should entertain one's thoughts on a potential problem... 

we're talking actual problem here. it happens.

> ...to the
> company and only if you feel YOU haven't gotten satisfaction pressure the
> company you will bring the problem to the attention of the FDA if they don't
> deal with the precieved problem and if you still feel that there has been no
> improvement with the problem, then notify the FDA. being a disabled veteran,
> for diabetes type1, i learned in the military and on the job to follow the
> chain of command. You don't go to the base commander to tell him the joe the
> guy you work with hands you the wrong tools all the time.


>     look at the world as a buddhist. see the whole not just the little part
> your ego is aware of.

good idea. reminds me of a saying found on a wall in a california
buddhist monastery: "don't believe everything you think."

BTW my compliments on your pumps name.

chris parsons
T1 84 HTRON Plus 99
who worked 15 years for mainframe, chip and
peripheral manufactuerers
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