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[IP] how do you time your basal corrections?

I have been pumping for 6 years, and just recently
decided to double check my basals.  When I learned how
to correct basals, Humalog did not exist yet, so I
learned to correct two hours before the problem I was
correcting, because of the lead time with Regular. 
Now that we use Humalog, I am wondering how to time my
adjustments.  I had no food and no bolus at all during
the test. 
Here were my readings during my problem times:
3:00 AM 160
6:00  150 (good so far)
8:00  120 (too big a drop)
9:00  140 (too big a gain)
10:15 153 (too big a gain)
10:45 133 (too big a drop)
11:45 133 (perfect)
I was running these basals:
12 midnight - 3AM .3
3 - 5 .4
5 - 8 .5
8 - 10 .4
10 - midnight .3

What would you change?

Thanks for your help,

 If I am running high between 8 and 10 AM, should I
increase my basal at 7AM and run it till 9?  Or should
I run it till 10?  My instinct says I have to increase
sooner than 8.  What would you do?

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