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Re: [IP] 508 static

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From: chris parsons <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2001 6:38 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] 508 static

> "Handsfield, James H." wrote:
> >
> > Bob Burnett [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:
> >
> > > Try reporting pump problems by using this on-line tool:
> > > http://www.fda.gov/medwatch
> if static electricity stopped my pump from working and wiped out it's
> memory i would certainly report it to the above FDA address as well as
> the manufacturer and this list. this is a design flaw pure and simple,
> and one that could be dangerous.
> it has been noted that staic electricity can badly affect all
> microcircuitry and chips, for instance that of a computer. but when is
> the last time your computer went down because of static electricity? it
> is only a problem when you take the case off and mess with the insides.
> it is designed to not be a problem for the user.
> writing to the above FDA address might not prompt them to action but the
> day govt and large corporations cease to hear from consumers because it
> would be "useless" will be a very bad day.
> chris parsons
> T1 84 HTRON Plus 99
> ----------------------------------------------------------
Chris, i know plenty of people who have had their computers to go down from
static electricity, why do you think they now sell surge protectors for
computers? Blowing the memory on a computer is a very simple thing to
happen, why else do computer gurus tell you tell you to back up everything
from your computer you want to save. It is NOT a design problem, it is a
simple part of living with micro circuitry. i have worked for two computer
companies in the machine maintenance of the equipment they use and in the
areas where there are pieces to be put on by hand everyone is required to
wear a grounding strap on their wrists which have to be tested daily to
check their ability to release static.
    And one should entertain one's thoughts on a potential problem to the
company and only if you feel YOU haven't gotten satisfaction pressure the
company you will bring the problem to the attention of the FDA if they don't
deal with the precieved problem and if you still feel that there has been no
improvement with the problem, then notify the FDA. being a disabled veteran,
for diabetes type1, i learned in the military and on the job to follow the
chain of command. You don't go to the base commander to tell him the joe the
guy you work with hands you the wrong tools all the time.
    look at the world as a buddhist. see the whole not just the little part
your ego is aware of.
bret & Trane, kind of 'blue' MM508
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