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[IP] Keep it in the case

SNIP>>>>>Shortly afterward, I removed my pump from my pocket 
to find that the hinged area holding the reservoir was open, and that 
the reservoir had fallen out of  the pump.  Worse yet, when I went 
to put the reservoir back in place, I  found that the plunger was 
depressed below where it had been earlier,  and evidently the 
plunger had been forced down while in my pocket,
 forcing an unknown quantity of insulin into my system.<<<<SNIP

IMHO, this is just one more reason to always keep your pump in 
the case.  It avoids doors opening, avoids ESD problems, keeps 
the pump cleaner, avoids accidentally hitting buttons, protects in 
case of an accidental drop, whether on that tile floor, cement, or in 
the toilet!  It just seems to me it is like insurance.  Keep it in the 
case.  Course, I don't give a hoot who sees mine, wear it on my 
waistband, in my pantyhose, whereever it goes, I am just so 
grateful for this "portable pancreas" keeping me in numbers 
like"6.3" for several years.   Love my MM and it's case. 
Bonnie Richardson
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