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Re: [IP] Warning: Minimed insulin reservoir escape hazard

Y a know.. I have been meaning to call Minimed to find out why this happened. 
 A few weeks ago I dropped my pump on the restroom floor when it came 
unclipped from my pants (this has happened many times with no problem)... 
this time the resevoir door was flung open and the resevoir fell out.  I 
quickly disconnected so that when I touched the resevoir, no insulin would 
accidentally be delivered and replaced it and monitored my sugars for the 
next few hours.  Then a few days later I felt for my pump (sort of 
unconscoiusly) and felt that it seemed open.  Sure enough, I unclipped it 
from my waistband and the resvoir door was open with the resevoir halfway 
out.  This time, there was not drop, nor anything else that would have caused 
the door to open.  I've meant to start wearing a rubberband around it, but 
honestly haven't.  I'm off to call minimed now.

Thanks for the reminder... and very glad to hear that you are alright.

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