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[IP] Re:

At 09:54 AM 8/23/2001 MystiEliz wrote:
 ><<Please , people, check out the IP website under
 >the books Icon.  these
 >books are listed there, and are sold through
 >Amazon.com.  When you buy from
 >our website, we get a rebate a the end of the
 >month that partially helps us
 >maintain this site.  Please check us out first.>>
 >Do you offer discounts like Amazon does.  I was able
 >to get the "Pumping Insulin" book for only $16.75 from
 >Amazon.  Other places I checked were charging $19.99.
 >I am on a tight budget and every penny counts.  If I
 >can find an item cheaper from the IP website then yes,
 >I definately will order from here.

When you order through the IP website, you ARE ordering from Amazon with 
the same prices that they normally offer. The only difference is that we 
get a small percentage of the sales price to help us run this list.

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