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[IP] MM Reservoirs - quality control

Has anyone found they are having problems with the MM reservoirs?

We recently had a 3 month period where Anthony was having nothing but 
problems pumping.  It would take at least 15 hours after changing his set 
before his bg's would normalize.  From that point it would be a toss up 
whether or not his bg's would remain in normal range.  We were ready to 
toss the pump out the window!  His endo was unhappy with his progress, and 
I was feeling all the guilt about it.

We then got another 3 month shipment of supplies.  I proceeded to lubricate 
the reservoir as instructed when I damn near pulled the plunger 
out.  Wow....these certainly weren't like the reservoirs we had been 
using.  The previous batch were rather stiff, and it took some real effort 
lubricating them.  All of a sudden Anthony's sets were taking perfectly, no 
down time and his bg's were back in range.  Every once in awhile I would 
get a reservoir that was stiff like the old batch.  When we used it, we 
would again have that 12-15 hour delay in his bg's.  We checked the lot 
number of these recent reservoirs and they are the same lot number.  I 
discussed this with his endo and she wants me to bring in a sample of each 
so she can address the issue with Minimed.

Our supplies are delivered through Apria Health Care and not sshipped 
directly from Minimed.  I'm beginning to wonder if it has anything to do 
with how they store them prior to shipment.

Has anyone else found this problem amongst the MM reservoirs?

Sue, type 2, dx 6-2000
mother of Anthony, 12, dx 9-22-95, pumping MM508 since 2-17-2000
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