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RE: [IP] hi-2manykitties - pump tubing and 2manykitties

We have two 4mos old sister kitties and one of them chewed *completely
through* the tubing on my 10yo (11 on Friday) daughter's pump a few weeks
ago!!! She woke up during the night to go potty and noticed the *stub* of
tubing hanging from her pump as well as pieces of tubing laying around. She
changed the tubing, checked her bg (which was high) and ketones (which were
small). Then she did a correction bolus and went back to bed. I had no idea
that this had happened until morning.
I knew kitties could be a problem, thanks to this list, and had told her to
make sure her tubing got tucked in well if she slept with them, but they got
it anyway.
We've had to modify where/how she wears the pump if she sleeps with the
kitties and when she slept with them the other night, they didn't bother her
tubing at all.

Take care, Kerri
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Fran said:
Well not really for we can always talk about how the kitties go after our
tubing.  I never had a problem until we acquired five kittens.  One in
particular goes straight for my tubing even if she has to stick her head
under my shirt.  It's actually pretty funny.  And boy can they bite into it
fast, but no problems as of yet with any punctures.
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