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Re: [IP] How do you bolus for pasta?

Darrin, it's Sylvia.  For Joshua we use what others would call the square 
wave bolus but since our pump doesn't have that feature we just break up his 
bolus over a period of time so as to try and catch that dreaded high later 
on.  And for the most part it really works.  Keep in mind that pasta is made 
with a lot of fat content so that is why you have those late highs.  Same 
thing with pizza.  I use to hate it when Josh ate pizza unitl I did like Sara 
said and break up the bolus.  Start bolusing when you start eating, like one 
unit at a time.  Then bolus again another portion about an hour later and 
another an hour after that.  This should help keep that delayed high a bit 
lower than before.  There is no reason why you should go without this type of 
food but you have to figure out how to handle it!

Hope this helps!

mom to Joshua
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