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[IP] How do you bolus for pasta?

As he sub line says:  How do you bolus for pasta?

Tried for the 2nd time in 27 yrs and I think I'll wait another 15 
before trying this stunt again.  Both times I've tried to eat pasta 
the bg goes over 500 and that's after a huge bolus.  Any ideas?  I 
would never cook this type of food at home but it is difficult to 
avoid this when away or when eating out 100% of the time.

Since starting the pump I've eaten potato & rice for the first time 
in 27 years wihtout an extreme high.  Took about 9 months to learn 
each of thses fods.  Questioin is as I sit here waiting for the bg to 
drop back to normal i am not sure I want to try to get a handle on 
pasta.  Would any of you go thru the extremem highs a dozen times to 
learn just one food?  tried pizza once since starting teh puimp and 
was 600+ for a day!  baffels me how even noon-diabetics wat this 
tsuff but would like to learn.  No carb book tells how to est the 
carbs in these two foods as it seems they are prepared as little 
differnt each time.

another questoin.  IN canada food content packaging is optional.  Is 
it mandaroty in any known country to include the dietary info on the 
package?  Wondering as here in Canada the supermarkets more times 
thannot place the price sticker over the carb listings.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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