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[IP] HELP--high sugars after long periods without a bolus

I need some immediate help.  I am going to go to the anytime chat room if
anyone can come and chat I'd really appreciate it!  (It is not quite 9:00
Central time on Wednesday.)  But here is my dilemma--I have been having a
very strange problem.  I am experiencing some extremely high blood sugars
after several hours between boluses.  I am starting to wonder if I am
getting my basal insulin at all!  Example:  Last night--
                                11:45 pm--216  less than two hours after a
relatively large dinner (pre-meal was even higher 309--took extra--waited an
hour to eat) so I was relatively ok with 216--my assumption was that it
would continue the rest of the way down.
                                5:15 am--462.  I took 8 units by injection
and drank about 20+ oz of water.                                  7:30
am--235  +1 more
                                9:45 am--205
                                12:00 pm--155
                                6:30pm--475  +8 through new site

It seems that the time between breakfast and lunch I go up a little then
during the 6+ hours between lunch and dinner I spike!  Same thing during the
night last night!  I just talked with MM and did a couple of
tests--according to them it isn't the pump.  This has happened several times
over the past week.  I have changed sites, reservoirs, etc, etc., etc!

Any advice?!?

MM507 for 4+ years
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