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[IP] Average hourly basal rates from .4 - 1.4 over 2.5 years

Hi :)

I have been reading bits and pieces here and there trying to catch up, but
noticed a posting where there was some talk about the insulin needs of
children/teens.  Just wanted to add my two bits.

When Erica started pumping at the age of 10.5yrs, her average daily basal rate
was .4.  Sometimes we would run a temp basal as low as 0.0 on when she was
especially busy.  Far cry from now when they are 1.4/hr for the better part of
the day and sometimes we have to even tweak this when her hormones are in
super-drive!!   She is now 13.   I don't know how we could have had any
control with injections.  Sugars today ALL within range.  Tomorrow, well we
will see.   LOVE those buttons!

Barb, mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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