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Re: [IP] personal attacks

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From: Sam <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 5:27 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] personal attacks

> At 02:19 PM 8/22/2001 Richard Haynes wrote:
>  >"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"
Most of
>  >the time the attacker needs more help than we can supply.
> Unfortunately words can hurt. Many people who need help are often a bit
> reticent to post in public in the first place. So allowing personal
> just inhibits the free-flow of information for those that really need it.
> As far as the motivations of flamers are concerned, that's way beyond the
> scope of this list.
> Sam
Sam and Richard, i have toi apologize because i was the one mentioned a
couple of times as 'that person who called Ashley vain.i didn't mean it as
harshley as everyone else has seemed to make of it, but i wrote it and will
live with the consequences. but in the note i wrote i gave a few different
things to try and my reasons as to why she shouldn't be so quick to change
from Minimed pumps. i even recommended she try the bra pouch by minimed
which now comes in two versions: a pouch for inside the bra and one that
goes in the middle between the breasts. i also recommended she wear a dress
with a belt and place a hole under the belt to put the insertion set
through, and was attacked from trying to make women ruin their wardrobes. i
didn't mean just slash a hole with and exacto knife but a button hole large
enough to fit the tubing through. and at the end i said not to let her
vainity get the best of her being diabetic, it is a honor to be a diabetic
and to be using the best tool to take care of yourself. i'm sorry to have
hurt anyone's feelings but i got alot of flack from the females on the list
implying i am an ignoramus for trying to tell a woman how to dress, when i
have a wife and eighteen year old daughter and have learned enough about how
women dress.
    i learned about vanity when i was young and going to Catholic school and
after learning that god only sees our souls not what we wear and then going
into church and seeing those who wore the best think they were so much
better than others, i lost faith. just as with this situation. if i write
something in reply to another let that person let me know i have been
hurtful, it is not up to the rest of the list to add their $0.02 worth and
be as obnoxious or worse than i was to begin with.
    Again, i am sorry for being human and capable of error.
bret & Trane, kind of 'blue' mm508
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