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Re: [IP] Re:Great News

> I just got my report back for my A1C....it was down to 8.0. I am so
> thrilled I was running at 11.0. This pump is a blessing.
> Just wanted to pass on my good news  =0)

Oh goodie -- for two reasons
1) I always like to hear about improved A1C's 
2) it gives me an excuse to remind everyone to fill out an Insulin 
Pumpers Information Form. This form provides all the statistical 
information for the ABOUT page of the web site where there are 
tidbits of information like improvements in A1C's for before and 
after pump thereapy:

 Best pre pump avg   7.2 -> 6.5
 Worst pre pump avg  10.4 -> 7.5
 Average pre pump    8 -> 6.9

For most people this represents a dramatic improvement, enough to 
qualify for the 50% or better reduction shown by the DCCT

So..... fill out the form if you have not. Update it if you have new 
data. This is very useful information.

To see the rest, visit 


.... and yes, you can get your own dot on the map :-)

email @ redacted
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