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[IP] Re: sport guard

Minimed came out with a sports guard a while back so we can protect the pump
from getting wet or getting banged while playing sports. I have one but
never used it-I will some day! There's no stupid questions, they are just
questions that need answering!

I had my pump for 2 years and never knew what the little rubber plug or cap
thing was that came with my soft-set infusion sets. Apparently they are to
plug the pig tail end of the infusion set to prevent water from getting in.
After finding out, I never used that either.

While we are on a roll, Does anybody ever use those little blue clips
entitled "Infusion set tubing clamps" that are found in the disposable power
kit? LOL Sharon

PS, I agree we all need to support one another! If we have a negative
comment, please think it through before writing it. As diabetics, I feel we
sometimes get cut down by professionals and doctors that know it all, I know
it makes me skittish sometimes talking to a doctor. We are all equals, use
suggestions not criticism!
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