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No Subject

Sorry, maybe I am vain among other things I have been called, but I don't
like to be singled out.  And no, when I am at a nice function wearing a nice
dress, I will not cut it up for tubing.  And if I had bigger boobs, I would
wear a bra pouch, but my chest is the size of the pump.  Maybe you learned a
lot from diabetes, but I learned my lessons from recovering from anorexia,
when only 5 years ago, I weighed 60 pounds from self starvation and in ICU
where the doctors told my family that seconds were all I had left and to
start to plan a funeral- then turning my life completely around so that I am
as healthy as a silver bullet and the only thing wrong with me is I have
crappy vision due to diabetic retinopathy..... I am not proud to be
diabetic, but I do accept that I have diabetes.

<<Ashley, i can't believe how vain you seem to be. why can't you just wear a
dress with a belt at the waist where you can sew a hole for the tubing to go
through and wear the pump on the outside of the belt? i'm proud to show off
my pump and always wear it on my belt (i'm male) and if i wear a t-shirt
that covers it if i talk with someone i show them the pump and tell the i am
diabetic and how the pump works for better control. Most everyone knows
someone who has diabetes and they are interested because of that.
    And if a company attenmpts to solve any unforseen problems that is all
you can expext out of thew company or any individual person. Diesetronic
pumps are larger than the minimed pumps. But let me also say i am prejudiced
because i am a disabled veteran and attempt to buy American goods over
foreign. So please don't let vanity get ahold of your sensibilities and be
proud to be diabetic. Having diabetes has taught me so much: to be kind
towards cripples and those with chronic illnesses and it gives me faith in
mankind where so many are working for a cure or at least a better way of
dealing with diabetes,
Besides, i became diabetic in early 1974 and back then the only modern thing
about diabetes was the diaposable syringe, you tested your blood sugar with
urine testing which told you nothing and to test for ketones you used a pill
that you dropped a drop of urine on and waited or the color change. So pumps
and glucometers are a far better way to go than that. so just be thankful,
being diabetic now gives you a means to live a long and happy life.
bret & Trane
dx '74 pumping two weeks
Ashley, i wasn't trying to lecture you just trying to help you calm down.
And have you tried any of the bra holders for the pump. on the minimed web
site they have two, one for inside the bra on the breast and another for
hanging on the bottom of the middle of the bra. never give up hope.
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