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Re: [IP] diabeticsand all their probs..any words of wisdom

  Hi Amy,
   Just thought I'd drop you another line this week.So
are you all settled in?Everything going ok?What are
you taking this semester,met anybody you think will be
a good friend?
  Things are going ok over here,I'm not having any
wild bgs or pumping problems at the moment.Next
week(the 30th)is my last appt.with Dr.Clarke,I have
already settled things with calling the receptionist
about getting a referrel to an adult UVA endo.I don't
feel the need to go hunting around alot for another
endo,UVA's generally been pretty decent and I'm hoping
whoever I get reffered to that we'll click.If
not,there are always other endos at UVA.Ifeel like
that nows just the time to go,I know some people stay
with their p.endo till they finish college but not
me.Hey,I'm too old already and next week will be even
older.I have a birthday 2 days later that week,so now
is just the right time to wrap things up.I feel like a
retardo as it is.It was also probably pretty stupid to

actually tell UVA that this is the last appt,most
folks probably just quit and find another endo.I hope
no one gets emotional,the receptionist was bad enough
in that regard.If they start,then I probably will and
I definatly don't want that.Its hard enough as it is.
 Guess what I did yesterday?Went to Kings Dominian for
the first time with the pump...It was great.Even
though the heat made my bgs go up,the walking kept
them back down so I was pretty stable.140-170 till
3pm,(I didn't eat lunch till 2:30,at which time I was
159)then I disconnected to go on water rides and
forgot all about testing-additional shots for the next
3 hrs.I was 309 at 6:30,but quickly got that back down
to 163 by 7:30.Had a low when we ate supper at a
restaurunt,fell asleep on the way home and forgot to
bolus for the meal.So I ended the day back in the
300's.But I was generally stable,which I wasn't sure
about how everything would work out.I ate what I
wanted,bolused,and had great bgs.
 Keep me updated,right now I have to dash off to A&P
class and lab!(Anatomy and Physiology).That class
started Monday,its twice weekly.I've also got US
History on Thursday evenings.

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