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[IP] Emotional High Blood Sugar(BS)

I think this example shows a high blood sugar caused by a set of emotional
fears. The example first:at 10:30 am, BS was 267, at 12:32 pm, BS 255,at 1:56
pm BS was 92, at 5:22 pm BS was 55,at 8;12 i TOOK 10 UNIS BY NEEDLE and I
became aware that my right eyewas almost full of blood it had not interfered
with vision so far. So I looked in the mirrow. I have hair on my face so I
don't have look in the mirrow. So the next BS was 345 at 9:27.  I took 8 units
Humlog by needle At 10:27 BS was 380(see increase after taking insulin), at
11:23 BS was 237 I started taking fast acting carbos 11:42 BS was 215, at 1:05
BS was 216 so I went to sleep.

It seems when your BS is 300-400 -> you can eat and no rise in BS occurs it is
only when insulin is introduced does it move and downwards.

I guess what we have to do is to control our emotions? And you know that
story. My fear was I was going back to the old days when I had 14 laser
treatments over about 1.5 years. The red is going to clear up in 10 days
according to one Doc. We will see. So far my BS are going up and down like

Take Care

P.S. I have never opened up to this many people before.
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