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[IP] frustration with pump placement

I don't think my first email was rec'd by the IP, and
I lost the original email, but I wanted to respond to
the fellow who called Ashley vain for being upset with
where to wear her pump. He mentioned cutting a hole in
the dress for tubing, and wearing a belt to hook the
pump on. First of all, many dresses are not conducive
to having HOLES cut in them, even if you don't mind
ruining your clothes. Also, some dresses look really
bad with belts, and in a professional situation, you
have to be concerned with how you look.  I find it
very irritating to have to work my wardrobe around the
pump, and I'm glad that we have a place (IP) where we
can vent about these irritations, hopefully without
being chastised. 
Ashley, I find the thigh thing to be a lifesaver,
because it keeps the pump hidden and most importantly,
out of my way.  In fact I wear skirts and dresses much
more often now. I know the thigh thing doesn't work
for everyone. My MM rep inspired me to experiment with
little pouches and cut up socks to find the best place
to keep it. For those of us who are young and
interested in dressing fashionably for business or
otherwise, bulky belts and straps and underpinnings
won't always do.

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