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[IP] Which Pump? Opinions Please


    I have been on a MM507 for over 4 years and am currently seeking a new 
pump.  I would like one that is water-proof but I could aways use another 
sport guard.  What is up with the new pump MM is coming out with in Feb?  I 
think I could get a 508 now and trade up for free.  Is the Disetronic no 
longer water-proof?  I am wanting to move on the new pump very quickly as I 
am trying to get it while insurance is paying 100% (until Oct.).  I am open 
to all pump and opinions.  Also, please tell me the difference between 
getting insulin every 3 minutes and not.  Each pump you read about makes you 
feel like that pump is the best.  Decisions, decisions.  Also, you can e-mail 
me privately if this topic has been beat to death on this list.  
email @ redacted

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