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[IP] personal attacks

In the last couple of days I have been distressed by reading posts that
unnecessarily attack others who write in for advice, or to just vent.
One writer told another, something to the effect that "people like you"
don't help matters, or make matters worse.  The original writer had
written a complaint about one of the pump companies.  Another writer
told someone he/she could not believe he/she was "so vain".  I enjoy
this email list because it is such a great resource for pumping advice,
and it gives everyone the opportunity to air out complaints regarding
pumps or diabetes in general.  
Please keep in mind that when we post our thoughts and feelings, we are
making ourselves vulnerable.  We trust that our posts will be read (and
responded to) with respect and compassion.  It defeats the purpose to
criticize, even if the comments are meant in jest.  You may not always
agree with the writer's point of view, or you may feel that the writer
is simply wallowing in self pity.  There are ways to get your point
across or to help the other person without personally attacking them.
That's my two cents.
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