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Re: [IP] Two questions

>Hehe, your dx is a little older than mine David.  I was dx in 64 and I
>remember still using the glass syringe up into the early 70's.  I'm
>thinking mid 70s for the disposables.  As to the readings being
>combined on a Complete, I think that's a question for IP-Geeks, but
>I think combining data in a PC program would be Much Simpler
>than into a proprietary machine.

I was dx'd in 63, and when I moved away from home in the fall of 1970 I 
took my trusty glass syringe and boiling pot with me at the time.  It 
wasn't too long after that, that I discovered disposable syringes in the 
pharmacy and began purchasing them.

I'm not sure that you can load info from the Advantage into the 
Complete.  You could, however purchase a diabetes management software 
program that would allow you to download both meters into it, or allow you 
to put in numbers manually.

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