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[IP] insulin resistance in a youngster with type 1 diabetes

> Jared is insulin resistant. He has also become overweight since pumping.
>  doctor wants him on no carbs, we are lowering carbs. He takes over 100
>  a day, and still his numbers are higher than they should be. Although,
>  are finally getting better.

Significant increases (like up to 100% or more) in insulin needs (much of it
due to hormone-induced increases in resistance levels) is not that uncommon
in type one teens (according to what I've read and heard from other parents
of teens) . . . I can understand the focus on reducing carbs because of the
weight gain and increased resistance, but it seems to me that increasing his
activity levels would be even more helpful in addressing those issues . . .
I'm sure this is really frustrating for all of you!  Hang in there!

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Frustrating and upsetting to both of you. Increasing activity will help but
the use of an insulin sensitizer like glucophage might also help. It doesn't
add weight to your overweight state and it makes insulin work better. I'd
ask the doc about both lines of attack. spot
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