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Re: [IP] MM Pump replacement- Shelly

> Not all dresses are conducive to having HOLES cut in
> them. And if  you were frustrated with pump placement
> (especially in a professional situation where you are
> required to dress nicely) would you start wearing
> suspenders, funny hats or sleeve or sock garters, or
> something hopelessly out of fashion and be miserable
> and uncomfortable, or would you ask your fellow pump
> users to listen to your frustration and possibly
> offfer advice?

> Good luck with these frustrations. I have them too.
> Catherine

There are some beautiful dress suits with wee light jackets and such. No
3Funny belts or suspenders2 Evan Picone makes wonderful office wear, and I
think the point was Ashley leads (me, anyway) to believe she is being forced
to wear tight, revealing clothing for work. In a 3Professional2 situation,
this is inappropriate!

The MM reps I9ve met out here who are female and wear pumps are wearing the
nicest business suits and skirt suits with the wee nipped in9 waists and
proper tailoring. There is none of the 3See through the cloth2 of many
dresses used for parties and such.
-- Jenny Sutherland
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