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Re: [IP] Quick-Set - Unreasonalble Response

At 09:07 AM 8/22/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Patrick G. Jobe wrote:
> > There is
> > the small amount of insulin needed to fill the quick disconnect fitting,
> > any space in the set between the QC fitting and the cannula and the space
> > necessary to fill the cannula while the inserter needle is still in place.
> > All of these small volumes are normally filled when you prime a new set but
> > are empty in the case of the insulin having been displaced by air.
>Am I missing something? If you are sure that there is only air in the
>cannula (which seems would be the case if your BGs are high and there is
>a long bubble visible in the tubing leading up to it), then why wouldn't
>you just disconnect, prime the bubble out, and then prime the cannula
>just like a new set?

At this point the cannula is in my skin. so I can not prime it like a new 
set (ie. until insulin drips out).

>I don't see the problem with the inserter needle -- I always prime the
>tubing separately from the set -- and when I prime the set, the inserter
>needle is already out.

With the Quick-Sets and the Sof-Sets you can not remove the inserter needle 
before  the set is inserted because once removed it can not be put back in 
without the danger of tearing the flexible cannula.

>I use Sils, and it's specifically stated that it takes 0.7 - 0.8 units
>to prime the cannula. I remember when I used SofSets, it was 1.0. Are
>other sets different? Don't the directions tell you how much to use to
>prime the cannula?

For the Quick-Sets and Sof-Sets the volume given in the instructions is 
what is necessary to fill the space that the inserter needle was occupying 
and does not include the additional volumes (list above) that are now empty 
in the case of a set that ran dry but would normally be filled for a 
freshly primed new set.
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