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Re: [IP] MM Pump replacement- Shelly

Hi Ashley!
I am not here to bash on you, but I strongly disagree with your mindset
about being on the minimed pump. I have been on the pump for only TWO weeks
and my blood sugars have been great! I haven't felt better in a long time.

I feel not HAPPY that I am diabetic, but I have gotten used to it. In fact,
now that I have the pump, I often FORGET that I am different than my other
friends. Being an 18 year old isn't easy being hooked to a machine. However,
the other day when I wore a I found a way to not make it show--EVEN IN A
SEMI TIGHT DRESS! If you wear nylons (try Jockey For Her), simply slip the
pump into the nylons and wear it on the inside of your thigh. At times it
was annoying, but by no means was I mad at the world. I was just happy that
I didn't have to excuse myself to give myself shots in a dirty bathroom like
I have been used to. By the way, you can just give yourself a bolus THROUGH
the nylons.

As for the upgrade, I can't really say anything about that. If you think
about it, if minimed gave FREE Paradigm pumps to all of its users, they
probably would be out a ton of money, so for me, I think it is reasonable to
limit the upgrade. Also, 507C customers bought the pump when they probably
weren't even making or working on the new paradigm.

Well, that is my two cents. I hope that you feel better about having
Diabetes...it isn't something that we can help having, but we can help
ourselves with better control...

Good luck,
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