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Re: [IP] Quick-Set - Unreasonalble Response

Patrick G. Jobe wrote:
> There is
> the small amount of insulin needed to fill the quick disconnect fitting,
> any space in the set between the QC fitting and the cannula and the space
> necessary to fill the cannula while the inserter needle is still in place.
> All of these small volumes are normally filled when you prime a new set but
> are empty in the case of the insulin having been displaced by air.

Am I missing something? If you are sure that there is only air in the
cannula (which seems would be the case if your BGs are high and there is
a long bubble visible in the tubing leading up to it), then why wouldn't
you just disconnect, prime the bubble out, and then prime the cannula
just like a new set?

I don't see the problem with the inserter needle -- I always prime the
tubing separately from the set -- and when I prime the set, the inserter
needle is already out. 

I use Sils, and it's specifically stated that it takes 0.7 - 0.8 units
to prime the cannula. I remember when I used SofSets, it was 1.0. Are
other sets different? Don't the directions tell you how much to use to
prime the cannula?

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