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RE: [IP] MM Pump replacement- Shelly

Sounds like everyone is bashing Minimed lately...what's up?

I have had no problems with them whatsoever.  When I call, they send my sets
and I get them within three days.  I have never had a serious problem w/my
pump so I've never had to call them but when I was on continuous glucose
monitor, called them once and they were extremely helpful.

As for diabetics being different, well we are.  Perhaps when wearing the
pump, it is a little more obvious than just injecting but hey, if you're
getting better control and it makes your life easier, who the heck cares?

As for dresses, they have the thigh thing which you can try.  It will work
ok as long as you aren't wearing slinky dresses.  If you are small on top,
clip it in the middle of your bra...no one will know the difference, believe

There are so many different products on the market today to make it more
convenient to wear the pump in any instance that you can think of...

And wasn't minimed the first company to come out with the pump?  I'm not
certain about this but still...they are a big company and they are out there
to please the customer...that's what business is all about, customer

I know I go out of my way to do things for my customers and believe me, some
of them are real pain in the you know where but if they place orders, I get
a commission, so you put a smile on your face and life goes on.

Just my opinion.
Kathy b.
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