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Re: [IP] Gastroproesis

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From: Richard Haynes <email @ redacted>
To: WebsiteDiab <email @ redacted>; <email @ redacted>
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 11:18 AM
Subject: [IP] Gastroproesis

> Hi,
> It appears that the effect of Gastroprosis is to delay digestion until
> latter than normal,say 2-4 hrs. I offer an example: I had a perfect BS of
> from 3:30 to 8:00 pm(this is a little to believe but I will take it
> During that period of time I ate 2 hamberger buns and one hot dog
> bun(4:00-5:00). At about 6:00-4 cup cakes with no icing(my 6 year
> has to eat the icing so it would harm PopPop).
> At 9:05 BS was 300(took 5 units of homalog), 10:00 BS was 388(took 10
> at 11:00 BS was 263, at 11:40 BS was 251. It appears the rate of charge of
> was small enough
> to merit a good nights sleep. The next norning at 10:30 am BS was 267 so
> was no fear of BS dropping.
> Please advice and comment?
> Take Care
> Richard Haynes
Rich, sorry to say there isn't much they can do now with gastroparesis,
which i also have, since Propulsid (cisapride) was taken off the market
because it interfered with many drugs and caused heart problems in some the
medication left tend to become useless to use after a few months. The best
drug ,which i don't remember the name, crosses the blood brai barrier to
prevent nusea and then in the stomach there are two sets of nerves, one to
produce motility and another set to stop motility. The drug shuts down the
nerves that stop motility thus giving the nerves that promote motility the
green light, except that most diabetics have almost no nerves available for
motility, so it is a cul de sac.
see a gastroenterologist.
bret & Trane
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