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Re: [IP] MM Pump replacement- Shelly

I'm curious as to what line of work can force women to wear dresses these
days? Also, why -if you must- you cannot take an 'artistic liberty' with the
scarf type belts and wraps which are available to sling over your hips or
over a shoulder (Like a Tartan Sash) to add some looseness around the pump

The very idea you are being forced to wear tight dresses at work is scary in
the year 2001 smacks of sexual harassment. No woman should be forced to
dress in a revealing manner for her job, unless she has chosen a place in
the 'exotic dance' field.

Nichole Johnson wore her MM for all but the swimsuit part of the Miss
America" pageant. If you are very, very self conscious of a wee bulge,
perhaps it should be examined as to why you chose the pump in the first

--Just a thought, not trying to be mean or anything; It really has piqued my
curiosity that's all.

-- Jenny Sutherland
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