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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #376

> > Hi I have a question we will be going on a cruise
 > and I was
 > > wondering if I should get a spare pump to bring
 > along just in case
 > > something would happen to my daughter's >>

I would also make sure you take a lot of extra batteries--may seem obvious, 
but I have forgotten a time or two.  Definately, the long acting insulin.  I 
would also be sure you have lots of pre-packaged snacks.  While there is an 
abundance of food on a cruise, it is usually not with you in the cabin, nor 
readily obtainable on the islands (take plenty of snacks along when you leave 
the boat-sometimes you will be transported to islands by yet another boat, or 
around the islands by cabbies who want to show you everything--or even by a 
bus--traffic on those islands has no rhyme or reason) Take glucose tablets 
wherever you go. Also, if you tell the cabin stewards you need ice in the 
cabin (for the insulin) at all times, they will usually supply it. (I take a 
soft lunch-sized cooler for insulin) I had a problem two years ago on the 
first night of the cruise.  I was meeting my friends in the dining room, and 
I bolused before I got there.  The dining room was up several floors and then 
required much walking to get to.  So, I went low too rapidly--just one of 
those things I should have anticipated.  Cruise food in the dining room was 
hard for me to judge as far as CHO content, until I actually SAW the 
portions. The first island I went to, I brought some bottled water and diet 
soda from a store located right off the boat-and brought it back to the 
cabin.  Also, be prepared NOT to think the people in the infirmary will be of 
much assistance-sometimes they don't speak English.  I would take lomotil, 
and phenergan for emergency use. One more thing. The last cruise I was on, 
there were only two electrical outlets-one in cabin and one in bathroom (can 
be a problem when two females are in there)  A cruise is a blast-and one big 
adventure.  Preparation is key.  
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