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[IP] Separate Packaging

SNIP>>>>>Thomas <email @ redacted>
I am a employee at Maersk Medical in Denmark and am interested 
in news about the daily life with diabetes and using an insulin pump 
and infusion set.<<<<<SNIP

Hi Thomas, 
You must be very proud of your company for all the help they have 
provided diabetics with the tubing, reservoirs, and infusion sets.  
The quality of the products shows a very high standard, I have 
NEVER had a problem with your products.    

However (you knew that had to come), many of us have site 
problems, areas of our body that does not absorb insulin well 
anymore after many years of poking needles and infusion sets into 
it.   I can easily go through 3 infusion sets (the part with the 
cannula on Silhouettes) getting a good site at changing time.   
Therefore I have miles of unused tubing (43 inches a pk) in my 
drawer.   Many of us begged MiniMed to give us unlimited 
purchase of the cannulas, not just the 2-1 package now 
available....  We can get a box with 10 Cannulas, and 5 tubing 
sets.  That just isn't enough for some of us.   

Do you have any suggestions of how we can persuade MM to sell 
cannulas separately?  I would like a 4-1 ratio.   Since they are 
already packaged separately, there should be no significant cost.  
Many of us mailed our extra tubing to Mr. Neal of MiniMed but still 
got a insignificant response.  I suspect there needs to be more of a 
demand....we are thinking about sending our next load of useless 
tubing to the insurance company so they will see what they are 
having to pay for.  

I am glad you are here and look forward to learning from you.   In 
the meantime if you have ideas for us to get what we 
want.....please let me know.  

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