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[IP] MM pump replacement-Ashley

Hi Ashley: I too am glad they offered a better replacement for their oversite.

As far as hoping to exchange your MM pump for one that can be concealed under
dresses, I doubt you will have any success with that?  The three pumps are all
around the same size, so I am sure you will not be happy with any company.
The pouches for holding them are all the same, and I believe interchangeable
from company to company.  If your dresses and hiding it are an issue I guess
you have no choice but to go back to shots.

Someone on here once said that they did not mind people seeing their pump. For
one, most thought it was a pager, which it seems everyone has these days, and
two, it was a great way to educate people on pumping and D in general.

I would think that a skirt and sweater or blouse combo would be a good way for
you to wear your pump as you could clip it practically anywhere, back, front
etc.(on the waistband of the skirt)  Throw on a blazer or cardigan or sweater
draped over your shoulders and no one would even see the pump.  Miss USA
managed to wear hers wih a huge variety of her dresses and gowns so I am sure
you will find some way to feel good about it.

Take care,
(son 5, email @ redacted, pumping 11.5 months)
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