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[IP] MM Pump replacement- Shelly

Hi Shelly,
     I am glad your pump problem was addressed- that was pretty sick.  I
was/am about to switch companies from Mini Med to someone else, I don't know
who yet.  Only the 509's have upgrades to the new smaller pump coming out,
and us with the 507c can't....which is complete BS.  Well, my local rep is
sending me some thigh pouch and whatever to minimize the look of a "growth"
on my small frame in dresses.    I tried one and it doesn't work.  I now
have to not wear my pump almost daily because I need to wear dresses to
work, and my A1C has gone up to an unacceptable level because of this.  In
my opinion, a pump company that sells pumps for 5 grand should do everything
to make the diabetic not feel so different from non diabetics, including
having a huge growth or 3rd stomach-like object showing through a dress.
I'm pissed and only hope that the customers that mini med loses because of
this stupid upgrade issue (I have several friends who plan to leave MM
because of the same issue) will help the existing customers.
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