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Re: [IP] Quick-Set - Unreasonalble Response

> Catherine,
> Have you ever had any problems with reusing the
> resevoirs? I reused one twice 
> before and I didn't know if I was aloud to do this
> or not. I asked my nurse 
> and she told me not to but I don't know what it will
> hurt. I never had any 
> problems with doing this. I think that is a way to
> make money for Minimed 
> telling you to hange the sets so much.
> Heather W.

Minimed's advice to change out the reservoir every
time is no different than all medical advice (ie.
discarding syringes and lancets after one use) that is
designed to protect the patient. Going against this
advice poses a risk, albeit small, and if you're
willing to factor those risks into future
troubleshooting, go for it. 
Someone on this site brought up reusing reservoirs,
and so far it's been fine for me (just as reusing
syringes and lancets always was). Minimed's main
concern with reusing reservoirs is that the lubricant
inside eventually wears out and can become stuck,
causing a no delivery. I just re-cycle (push, pull and
turn) the reservoir before I refill it. Someone on the
site said they use the same res for a month. I use it
for about 3-4 set changes.

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