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[IP] disposable syringes

I really need to get a life apart form Google.com........(sigh)

"The syringe began in the eighteenth century with the introduction of
glass hypodermic syringes that required sterilization between uses. The
syringe was viewed as high technology, fast and efficient. Soon it
became a symbol for modern medicine.  In 1954 the world's first
disposable syringe was made, a plastic model called Monoject. In 1957,
Becton Dickinson, the nation's leading maker of glass syringes, started
a mission to create an inexpensive plastic syringe that  would be later
called Plastipak. The panic for physicians to use disposable syringes
came in 1960 after Dr. Albert Weiner injected, and infected, many of his
patients with syringes contaminated with hepatitis. Weiner was
eventually convicted of 12 counts of manslaughter. The case made
national news and sent doctors around the country scrambling for
disposable syringes."  [http://www.druzak.com/news1.shtml}

Personally, I was dx'd in 1962 and boiled a glass syringe for a number
of years.   My folks could not afford the disposables; my newlywed
husband made sure I had them right away in 1974---something which
blessed me but infuriated my parents.  Go figure....they had a lot of
trouble dealing with the fact that their "perfect baby" had developed
such a tough disease.....

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