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[IP] 3 days and counting

First of all, thanks to everyone who shared their record keeping forms with
me.  I have taken the best of all of them along with my own ideas and made up
a form that I think will work for my needs right now.

I have been officially pumping since Sunday morning at 9 am.  I love it.  Doc
doesn't have me carb counting as yet, though.  He has "assigned" my meal time
bolus' and so far, so good.  Yesterday, I had to make several correction
bolus' but did not have to today.  We did increase one of my basal's late this
afternoon.  I am using a pain relief patch right now because my leg ulcers are
infected and quite painful and this patch gives me all the symptoms of a low
blood sugar........that hasn't been fun.  But basically, I am loving every
minute of this and so grateful not to be doing 4 (or more) shots a day!

Kind of curious, is there anyone else from Kansas on the list???

Love & Laughter,
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