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Re: [IP] College Entrance Exams

In a message dated 8/21/01 7:22:31 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< I know this is off the main subject of this list serv - but was hoping the 
 collective wisdom had some experience with what to do about the SAT, ACT, 
 PSAT, etc. and other major tests that high school students have to take.  My 
 daughter, Andrea, will be starting her Junior year in high school this year 
 and will be facing the major college entrance tests.  I am wondering what 
 arrangements can/should be made for the just in case scenario - of her going 
 low during the test.  As these are timed tests - it could hurt her greatly 
 go low.  I know students with other types of physical disabilities can be 
 given extra time to finish the tests, but this is more of an "as needed 
 basis"  -- any thoughts??? Please answer off list -- and thanks for your 
 thoughts. >>

I heard that diabetics can get extra time on these tests if you let them know 
in advance that you have diabetes.  This also applies to people with ADD.
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