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Re: [IP] College Entrance Exams

    Hi - I think we may have chatted in CWD's Parents chat room. My daughter 
Melissa is headed to Barnard College in NYC one week from today! (gulp!)
    Steve Winer forwarded your post from the Parents of Teens group to me, 
since he knew Melissa's "history"....
     We never had a 504 plan for her all throughout the past 9 years. First 
of all, she was in a private school with a nurse always available, & her 
teachers were very familiar with diabetes, since one of their colleagues was 
a very brittle diabetic since infancy.
     In March of her junior year, she took the SATs & got a 1270, and her 
blood sugar was basically ok. In May, she took it again & went LOW...and got 
a 1200. She knew she'd done poorly because she said she just sat there, lost 
in space when she was going low.
    So I researched our options with the ETS in Princeton & basically since 
she had no "history" of requesting untimed tests to substantiate the request, 
that was not an option. The remaining option then was to request that she be 
placed in a separate room with a proctor who would "stop the clock" if she 
went low & re-set it when she recovered. She decided that wasn't worth the 
hassle & that she would just take her chances. Her blood sugar cooperated & 
she got a 1410!! 
    This is a "tough call" because the tests are so damn important. I know 
parents with kids in younger grades who were forced to demand a 504 after 
their child did extremely poorly on a standardized test due to a low blood 
sugar. Once that's established, then requesting "exemptions" for the SAT is a 
no-brainer. Someone also cautioned me though that had we done so, the SAT 
scores would have made mention that she had taken them untimed, without 
specifying the reason why.
    Things may have changed though so I'd avise calling Princeton directly & 
going through channels until you can speak to someone well-informed enough to 
give you a credible response.
   Good luck!
Regards, Renee Bernett
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