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Re: [IP] UPDATE on Gross Replacement Pump Story...

   Ok - I confess! LOL...The cyber-spy was I! I've previously sent Freddi Frederickson other pertinent MM posts from IP & she had written to tell me how distressed she was about your situation, & that she was going to call you directly. I have found her to be responsive, dependable & from many who know her personally - a "class act" - who also happens to be a pumper herself! In fact, the recently mentioned book "Optimal Pumping" which MM now has available was co-authored by Linda "Freddi" Frederickson. 
   As for the 508 "sticky buttons" problem, I also forwarded about 10 of those posts to Freddi too, along with the added note that my own daughter had encountered the problem herself, so it wasn't uncommon at all. Fear not - there are cyber spies lurking, making sure the pump companies "hear" our voices. Some pump reps even make a point I believe of telling customers about the wonderful cyber resources available at IP. There is far too much VALUABLE anecdotal information here for them NOT to listen.
    Glad to hear you're satisfied with the resolution of the problem. 
Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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