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Re: [IP] H-Tron backup pumps

I am a new pumper and just recently went through the whole "which pump" 
issue.  One of the main deciding factors for me in choosing the H-Tron was 
the backup pump.  Reading the list, checking with other pumpers, talking with 
representatives, and advice from my endo showed me that "basically" any pump 
could do the basic job needed.  However, in the event of a problem I 
considered how the company might react, what the interaction of customer 
service personnel might be, and what would I need to do while waiting for 
another pump.  The idea of having a pump here already so that all I had to do 
was unplug from one pump and plug into another within minutes was too great a 
comforting thought to pass up.  I realize there are good and bad service 
representatives with all companies but the idea of not having to deal with 
the possibility of a bad personality while panicking about a pump problem 
gave me some assurance about going on the pump.

Whitney & "TheBorg"
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