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Re: [IP] vacation-spare pump?

At 11:26 AM 8/21/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi I have a question we will be going on a cruise and I was wondering if I 
>should get a spare pump to bring along just in case something would happen 
>to my daughter's.  She hasn't had a problem yet with her pump but our luck 
>something would happen on the cruise and we would be out of luck.  She has 
>a Minimed 507c.
>Also any other good advice on things I should bring.  Should I also have a 
>letter from her Dr. saying that she  has type I diabetes and wears a pump.
>Thanks  a lot!
>Anne (mom to 15 year old pumper)
By all means, talk to MM about a spare..it's kind of hard to get a Fed EX 
shipment while at sea (LOL).  Make sure that you have double what you think 
you need for the duration of the cruise.  Bring the manual for your pump, 
along with a written listing of her basals.   The Dr.s letter is a 
must.  Bring along an extra prescription for all her meds, including 
insulin and syringes.  That's all I can think of at this time.

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